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68 Uses of Kangen Water™

Discover the many amazing benefits of owning an Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer

  • Drinking water at 3 different levels to alkalize the body and promote proper hydration and great health
  • Degreasing, cleaning, pesticide removal, and much more with Strong Kangen Water™
  • Toning & tightening skin, watering plants, cleaning windows/mirrors and lots more with Beauty Water™
  • Dozens of other great uses!
How to Install Your Kangen8
Machine Cleaning & Maintenance


1. Turn off the machine

​ 2. Add one packet of e-cleaner powder to the CPU (cleaning powder unit)

​​3. Remove the filter and replace it with the CPU​

​​4. Run the water for approximately 10 seconds or about 1 liter.

​​5. Put both hoses into a cup or pitcher
6. Run the water until the ends of both hoses are submerged in water.

​​7. Let the machine soak for 5-8 hours or overnight

​​8. Rinse the machine by running water for 10-15 minutes with the CPU still in place

​​9. Stop the water, remove the CPU, and replace your filter

​​10. Turn the machine back on and enjoy!

​​11. Be sure to allow your CPU to fully dry before storing it
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Shop & Supplies
Low profile Kangen tap & designer drain hose from 6A Tools