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Mission Statement

The Global Prosperity Movement’s mission is to empower people around the globe to make the world a better place and achieve personal freedom for themselves, their families, and their communities via high-ticket online business.



Doing the right thing always, not putting own needs above collective good


Doing what you said you  would, when you said you would


Doing the things you’re committed to even when you don’t want to


Telling the truth, even if it's uncomfortable


Not taking things for granted, being grateful for all of our amazing blessings


Making the world a better place, doing things for the right reasons

Tips For Long Term Success

1. Plant your flag
2. Have a vision
3. Ignore the haters
4. Stay true to yourself / be authentic
5. Lead with service to others / be a go-giver
6. Focus on the process, not the result
7. Don’t spread yourself thin
8. Document the journey
9. Stay plugged in
10. Do what’s proven / don’t re-invent the wheel
11. Stay compliant
12. Support the company
13. Be kind - always