How to know you are making the right MOVES in your business even if it feels like you aren’t getting there fast enough. 

You NEED to level up as your business grows. 

Every year, I look at my life through this lens : I’m not just a year older - I have also reached a new level. 

The only way that we can truthfully level up a year is if we look back on where we were in our lives and our business in the previous year. I personally like to track the following areas :

- My Branding
- My Mindset
- My Leadership
- My Coaching Skills

And all the other things I can actually measure and look back on .. 

For you, maybe it’s a live video you did, the way you show up on your social media, the way you lead your team, the conversations you’re having with leads - whatever it is, the point is to be able to look back and see NOTICEABLE growth!

When you can look back on your previous level each year, and see those differences, that’s when you know you’re moving in the right direction. That’s when you can actually say, “new level activated!”

If you have an anniversary of the day you started your Enagic business, and you can truthfully say you’ve been taking proper action - whether you’ve been doing it part time or full time, I encourage you to look back to a year ago and take note of how things were going for you..

Now compare that to the present moment. 

If you can look back and see a massive difference, then I applaud you. You’re moving in the right direction. 

If you feel you are in the same place, whether it’s with your finances, your mindset, your leadership skills – then something needs to change. Somewhere along the way you stopped growing, changing and innovating. 

The good news is, you can always begin again. You just need to commit to growth, getting uncomfortable, and making massive moves in your life and business to create that new reality you know is waiting for you on the other side!